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How To Score A Date With A Middle Eastern Woman

Are you traveling to the Middle East and you want to find someone special to spend your time with?

Do you feel excited about the idea of dating a woman from the Middle East but you don\’t know how to do it?

If the answer is yes then you are at the right place.

Today you are going to learn what it really takes to score a date with a beautiful lady (we will write another post for men soon!) from the Middle East.

Learn Their Culture First

Before even attempting to ask a Middle Eastern woman out on a date you are going to have to learn more about her culture. One mistake that many men make especially those from the western world is that they didn’t learn about how things work between women and men in the Middle East (we are not talking about the sexual issues as for example learning how to kiss a woman).

Most Arab and Muslim women are very modest. They are sheltered while growing up by both their family and their governments. So you have to keep that in mind while trying to get one to date you and treat them with the utmost respect because it is vital to winning their hearts and minds. Traditionally in the Middle East, men and women are separated and do not socialize before marriage. You may ask yourself, how do they ever get married if never interact?

The answer is simple their parents arrange their marriage and choose their husband. This is especially true if the girl is Muslim. So it’s not the woman’s choice in some cases. Knowing this will save you a lot of time. But just because this is mostly the case, it doesn’t mean that it always is.

Muslim Women

If the woman you want to date comes from a strict Muslim family it will be almost impossible for you to date her if you are not a Muslim yourself. In order to even date a Muslim from a strict family you are going to ask her father or one of her brothers in order to take her out. This is a huge obstacle to overcome and more than likely you are going to get nowhere. So to better your chances try to avoid those girls who come from strict Muslim families.

Arab Women

Being Arab does not mean that the girl is a Muslim. In fact, there are many Arabs that are Christian and Jewish. But that does not mean that you are not going to have to gain the respect of her family before taking her on a date. If you are not Muslim and from the West, trying to score a date with an Arab girl is your best bet.

Gaining The Respect of Her Family

So once you have found an attractive Arab girl that you want to date you are going to have to gain the respect of her family. While this won\’t be easy, it will be the only way to get a date. You must not be afraid to ask her father or brother for a date. Present yourself and dress respectfully. Don’t just show up wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. When being interviewed by the family make sure to speak clearly and try your best to convince them that your intentions are honorable.

Be prepared for rejection at first. Father and brothers will often reject you at first just to see if your intentions are good. If you simply move on to the next girl they will know that you just wanted one thing. This is not good and could spread the word around the community and give you a bad name. Instead of moving on stick around and try to talk with her family again. This often will lead to success and a date will be in your future!

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