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Top Five Restaurants for Dubai Diners to Try

Of all the travel destinations in the Middle East perhaps none have made themselves as tourist friendly as Dubai. Filled with extraordinary hotels, breathtaking beaches, sprawling and magnificent shopping malls and much more Dubai has become one of the go to vacation destinations for Europeans and increasingly for North Americans as well.

It has also become one of the most interesting and diverse spots in the Middle East from a culinary standpoint as well. Many visitors are quite surprised to learn that only around 10% of Dubais residents are nationals, the remainder are foreign workers which means that the city state has developed an eclectic culinary scene all of its own, a scene which has attracted some of the worlds top chefs, including Pierre Gagnaire, Nobu Matsuhisa and Gordon Ramsey. So just which are the must try restaurants for those visiting Dubai? Here are some very tasty suggestions:



Verre is Gordon Ramsays little slice of Dubais dining scene and the fiery Scot was in fact one of the first of the celebrity chefs to venture here, opening the stylish Verre in 2001.

The menu is decidedly European and the newly revamped decor is cool, modern and stylish, designed to be a rather upper class version of the seaside decor one might find along the French Riviera. Ramsays signature braised belly of Bavarian pork is the bestselling dish but the fresh seafood is well worth a try as well.


Asado is an Argentinian steakhouse where every single member of staff, from the chefs to the bus staff, really know their meat and can make a suggestion to suit anyones tastes. The house specialty at the elegant Burj Khalifa eatery however is the ten meat tasting plate. Slices and slivers of perfectly cooked to order meat are delivered in elegant style and served up with an assortment of sauces that are every bit as tasty as the meat itself.

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire

This extravagantly decorated restaurant is the French fusion masters contribution to Dubais diverse dining scene and he really does bring the very best of his iconic creations to the desert here.

Rather than trying to wade through the diverse menu and make a seemingly impossible choice most diners opt for the tasting menu, a served daily selection of freshly caught seafood, beef steak, hare, lobster, veal, and black truffle all prepared in the unique Gagnaire style.


One of the newest restaurants in Dubai is also its highest, nestled on the top floors of the Burj Khalifa offering city views unlike those any other eatery could ever boast and a beautifully stocked bar that may make plucking up the courage to peek out of the window a little easier.

In terms of the food it is rather straightforward but delicious, offering upscale versions of classic surf and turf dishes with a flavorful twist that only the fragrant spices of the Middle East could ever provide. http://www.atmosphereburjkhalifa.com


How many restaurants are there in the world where diners eat surrounded by rippling blue waters and some of the most beautiful and fascinating members of the marine world? We can only think of one; the Ossiano which is located at the heart of the man-made Palm Jumeirah island.

This was the late Spanish master chef Santi Santamarias first venture outside his native Spain and while he may now sadly be gone the spirit of his unique cooking style remains, primarily in the Prestige Tapas menu, a 14 course delight that mixes the best of the Mediterranean with plenty of Middle Eastern flair.

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