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Top Five Restaurants for Dubai Diners to Try

Of all the travel destinations in the Middle East perhaps none have made themselves as tourist friendly as Dubai. Filled with extraordinary hotels, breathtaking beaches, sprawling and magnificent shopping malls and much more Dubai has become one of the go to vacation destinations for Europeans and increasingly for North Americans as well.

It has also become one of the most interesting and diverse spots in the Middle East from a culinary standpoint as well. Many visitors are quite surprised to learn that only around 10% of Dubais residents are nationals, the remainder are foreign workers which means that the city state has developed an eclectic culinary scene all of its own, a scene which has attracted some of the worlds top chefs, including Pierre Gagnaire, Nobu Matsuhisa and Gordon Ramsey. So just which are the must try restaurants for those visiting Dubai? Here are some very tasty suggestions:



Verre is Gordon Ramsays little slice of Dubais dining scene and the fiery Scot was in fact one of the first of the celebrity chefs to venture here, opening the stylish Verre in 2001.

The menu is decidedly European and the newly revamped decor is cool, modern and stylish, designed to be a rather upper class version of the seaside decor one might find along the French Riviera. Ramsays signature braised belly of Bavarian pork is the bestselling dish but the fresh seafood is well worth a try as well.


Asado is an Argentinian steakhouse where every single member of staff, from the chefs to the bus staff, really know their meat and can make a suggestion to suit anyones tastes. The house specialty at the elegant Burj Khalifa eatery however is the ten meat tasting plate. Slices and slivers of perfectly cooked to order meat are delivered in elegant style and served up with an assortment of sauces that are every bit as tasty as the meat itself.

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire

This extravagantly decorated restaurant is the French fusion masters contribution to Dubais diverse dining scene and he really does bring the very best of his iconic creations to the desert here.

Rather than trying to wade through the diverse menu and make a seemingly impossible choice most diners opt for the tasting menu, a served daily selection of freshly caught seafood, beef steak, hare, lobster, veal, and black truffle all prepared in the unique Gagnaire style.


One of the newest restaurants in Dubai is also its highest, nestled on the top floors of the Burj Khalifa offering city views unlike those any other eatery could ever boast and a beautifully stocked bar that may make plucking up the courage to peek out of the window a little easier.

In terms of the food it is rather straightforward but delicious, offering upscale versions of classic surf and turf dishes with a flavorful twist that only the fragrant spices of the Middle East could ever provide. http://www.atmosphereburjkhalifa.com


How many restaurants are there in the world where diners eat surrounded by rippling blue waters and some of the most beautiful and fascinating members of the marine world? We can only think of one; the Ossiano which is located at the heart of the man-made Palm Jumeirah island.

This was the late Spanish master chef Santi Santamarias first venture outside his native Spain and while he may now sadly be gone the spirit of his unique cooking style remains, primarily in the Prestige Tapas menu, a 14 course delight that mixes the best of the Mediterranean with plenty of Middle Eastern flair.

How To Score A Date With A Middle Eastern Woman

Are you traveling to the Middle East and you want to find someone special to spend your time with?

Do you feel excited about the idea of dating a woman from the Middle East but you don\’t know how to do it?

If the answer is yes then you are at the right place.

Today you are going to learn what it really takes to score a date with a beautiful lady (we will write another post for men soon!) from the Middle East.

Learn Their Culture First

Before even attempting to ask a Middle Eastern woman out on a date you are going to have to learn more about her culture. One mistake that many men make especially those from the western world is that they didn’t learn about how things work between women and men in the Middle East (we are not talking about the sexual issues as for example learning how to kiss a woman).

Most Arab and Muslim women are very modest. They are sheltered while growing up by both their family and their governments. So you have to keep that in mind while trying to get one to date you and treat them with the utmost respect because it is vital to winning their hearts and minds. Traditionally in the Middle East, men and women are separated and do not socialize before marriage. You may ask yourself, how do they ever get married if never interact?

The answer is simple their parents arrange their marriage and choose their husband. This is especially true if the girl is Muslim. So it’s not the woman’s choice in some cases. Knowing this will save you a lot of time. But just because this is mostly the case, it doesn’t mean that it always is.

Muslim Women

If the woman you want to date comes from a strict Muslim family it will be almost impossible for you to date her if you are not a Muslim yourself. In order to even date a Muslim from a strict family you are going to ask her father or one of her brothers in order to take her out. This is a huge obstacle to overcome and more than likely you are going to get nowhere. So to better your chances try to avoid those girls who come from strict Muslim families.

Arab Women

Being Arab does not mean that the girl is a Muslim. In fact, there are many Arabs that are Christian and Jewish. But that does not mean that you are not going to have to gain the respect of her family before taking her on a date. If you are not Muslim and from the West, trying to score a date with an Arab girl is your best bet.

Gaining The Respect of Her Family

So once you have found an attractive Arab girl that you want to date you are going to have to gain the respect of her family. While this won\’t be easy, it will be the only way to get a date. You must not be afraid to ask her father or brother for a date. Present yourself and dress respectfully. Don’t just show up wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. When being interviewed by the family make sure to speak clearly and try your best to convince them that your intentions are honorable.

Be prepared for rejection at first. Father and brothers will often reject you at first just to see if your intentions are good. If you simply move on to the next girl they will know that you just wanted one thing. This is not good and could spread the word around the community and give you a bad name. Instead of moving on stick around and try to talk with her family again. This often will lead to success and a date will be in your future!

Top Cities to Visit in the Middle East

Some Westerners are now of the opinion that the Middle East is now somewhere to be crossed off their list of travel plans. And while political, religious and social tensions may make that true of certain countries there is still a large portion of the region that is perfectly safe to travel to and that offers sights and experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Here is a little about some of those must visit cities:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai sees itself as a city of the future but even in the present it is spectacular. Filled with the biggest and most impressive of hotels, malls, restaurants and attractions Dubai has become the kind of go to holiday destination for Europeans that the Costa Del Sol once was and an increasing number of North Americans are discovering its unique charms as well.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



The capital city of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, but it had been living in the sophisticated shadow of Dubai, in the minds of tourists at least, for years. That is all changing however as the capital makes a concerted bid to compete with its flashy neighbor. Set on a group of beautiful islands it has the landscapes and beaches and the attractions are building up slowly, with new versions of the Guggenheim and Louvre museums opening and a slew of stylish luxury hotels being completed every day.

Jerusalem, Israel


Visiting Jerusalem is, in many ways, like stepping back some 3,000 years in time without having to leave the comforts of 21st century life completely behind. In many ways it is the spiritual centre of the world, held holy to the three great monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but no matter what your religion there is something uniquely magical about exploring this ancient city that should not be missed.

Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv is a surprise to many first time visitors who are not quite ready for how vibrant and cosmopolitan it is really is. Buzzing with activity 24 hours a day it is reminiscent of New York, Miami or Rio, offering the best in cultural, gastronomical and all around partying action for those from all walks of life.

Luxor, Egypt


Luxor houses the Egypt that many people dream of visiting. That is the Egypt filled with ancient ruins, with the tombs of great Kings and Queens and steeped in history that goes back so far that it is hard to imagine the world even being that old at times. For many the thrill is that it is their history textbooks brought to life in front of their eyes and a visit to Luxor is the culmination of a lifelong ambition.

Petra, Jordan

All of Jordan is a magical and often mysterious place but all of that comes together most beautifully in the ancient city of Petra. Hewn from the rocks themselves Petra is a city unlike any other in the world and a visit here is a once in a lifetime experience few ever regret.

Smoking Shisha A Middle Eastern Tradition

Smoking shisha has been a Middle Eastern tradition for centuries and it is a habit and ritual now finding its way into trendy Western nightclubs and cafes as well, but not without causing some controversy.

What is Shisha?

Shisha is the name of a special tobacco blend that is traditionally smoked using a hookah pipe. Most shisha is a combination of standard tobacco, dark molasses and the pulp of various fresh fruits (the fruits are alternated to vary the taste)

The hookah pipe, which can be as basic or as ornate as one likes in terms of aesthetics, consists of a bowl in which the shisha is burned, a pipe which transports the smoke through a water chamber, and a hose connected to a mouthpiece that the user smokes through.

The practice began in the Middle East in the 16th century. Tobacco was becoming the rage all over the world but in the Middle East there was concern (even then) that the European habit of smoking tobacco via a wooden pipe was unhealthy, and the taste of the tobacco too harsh and bitter. Thus shisha and the hookah pipe were born and both have been in use ever since. These days its often a very social practice, offered in nightclubs and other gatherings as a way to relax and chill, both in the Middle East and in the West.

Shisha Use and Health Concerns

Although the originators felt that they were taking a safer route to tobacco smoking pleasure and the opinion was held to be true for many years, now scientists and health experts are not so sure. Now many feel that shisha and hookah smoking is every bit as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes or a pipe.

As it is such a common practice in the Middle East, and even a part of many tourist attractions, persuading people to give up the practice is not easy. Some Middle eastern countries are attempting to tighten the sales of tobacco while others are allowing the use of electronic hookahs, devices that are very similar to the e-cigarettes that have become so popular in the West. As these pose a much lower risk to health many feel they are qa good compromise between improving health and maintaining a tradition that has been in place for hundreds of years.

Must See Middle East The Dead Sea

430 metres below sea level, between the Jordanian and the Judean desert, lies the Dead Sea, an iconic body of water that has intrigued and fascinated the world since ancient time. And for almost as long it has attracted a stream of visitors all keen to discover just what all of the fuss is about.

Dead Sea Basics

The Dead Sea, one of the four saltiest bodies of water on Earth, has long been held as something of a magical place. None other than the great Queen Cleopatra once persuaded Mark Anthony to ensure that the sea became her territory as she wished to make use of its fabled restorative properties to maintain her own beauty.

And she was just one of the first. The unique chemical makeup of the Dead Sea has, over the centuries, allowed it to gain a reputation as the planets greatest natural beauty spa and it is for that reason alone that many of those who travel to it go in the first place. But there is more to the Dead Sea than that.

Where to Stay

As you might expect there are a number of rather luxurious hotels along the Dead Seas coastline. Many take the utmost advantage of the areas spa reputation and offer all manner of additional spa services and treatments based around the sea itself. But the pricey spa hotels such as the Herods Dead Sea or the Oasis Dead Sea, while beautiful and luxurious are not a travelers only options.

Charming bed and breakfast hotels dot the coast and there are even affordable hostels and kibbutzes that offer a lower key, but still very enjoyable alternative Dead Sea vacation for those looking to explore the area as well as soak in its health benefits.

Where to Eat

Most of the accommodations in the Dead Sea area offer onsite dining so the exterior pickings can seem rather slim. There are some notable dining experiences to be had if you look a little harder though.

Take the Taj Mahal for example. Totally unrelated to anything Indian it is basically set in a Bedouin tent and offers some fine and rather authentic Middle Eastern treats as well as a floor show that has to be seen to be believed. Alternately you could try the Kaparuchka, a newer eatery considered to be one of the best in the area that serves a delightful combination of gourmet pizzas and more traditional fare such as kebabs and schwarma.

What to See



When not indulging in one of the many beauty and alternative and holistic health treatments on offer in and around the Dead Sea there are other things for visitors to the area to do and see.

The Ein Gedi Botanical Garden is a must visit for anyone who has any interest in nature as it is home to species of plant and tree found few other places in the world as well as to plants of a very biblical nature such as frankincense and myrrh and the very poisonous Sodom apple.

Also of a biblical nature is Lot’s Wife, a natural salt rock formation that rises and leans majestically away from a dazzling cliff face in Ein Bokek. It is called Lots Wife of course after the biblical tale of the woman turned to salt in replenishment for looking back at the destruction of Sodom.